Sway Pole

| May 24, 2015

I found this photo among other , but their name is unknown to me. Please help me to I.D.


Ramos Bros Circus # 1

| January 10, 2015

A great time was had by my family just a few days ago. The show was filled with fine acts, colorful wardrobe and they had some ANIMALS, which pleased me. Being out of the business so long sometimes makes me a little homesick. So it is it is nice to sit under the big top […]



| July 14, 2014

  Both Murry Hill and Shorty Troy were very good friends with our family. Thanks Kim for the photo and information. I hope others will comment on this post.


Walton & Holbert Circus

| May 10, 2014

This photo and the next, was sent to me from Roger Walton. This is how he came by them. Rogers cousin was going though some old boxes and these two photos were among other family photos. She then sent them to Roger. He knew that there were members of his family in the circus in […]


Triska Troupe

| December 30, 2013

I do not remember who sent this photo to me, but I wish to thank who ever. I work with Triska on many shows. He, I thought was some what of a loner, however when you got to know him,Triska became your friend. I can tell you this Triska was a dedicated performer. I have […]


Circus Kids

| July 6, 2013

From left to right. Dina Bogino, Amy Bogino, Diana Philips, Ester Navarro and Raquel Navarro. Thanks Diana for this wonderful Photo.


Orthopedic Hospital Show

| June 3, 2011

Shrine Circus in Los Angeles 6-6-1944. I believe it could have been Polack Bros. The ad gives no name……………. Sorry the condition of post.


Adams Bros Circus

| September 20, 2010


Free Circus Ticket

| March 7, 2010

Looks like some of Bill Biggerstaff’s printing.  Bill has printed more coupons and circus posters than anyone I know and they are all frist class.


Vidbel’s Old Tyme Circus

| January 30, 2010

This photo of the Vidbel’s Old Tyme Circus was taken in 1998. The photo was given to the circus blog by Pat Davison, America’s Favorite Juggler.  Thanks Pat and thank your wife for finding the photo.