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Tobi Scooter ad1 Tobie                             Tobi was a great little chimp. After all these years I still miss them all.


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Ivan and Bongie

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Bongi and Ivan Siebrand circus 19551 Ivan and Bongie  This photo was taken in 1957. It was later used in 1976 for a news ad for Legend City Amusement Park,Tempe, Arizona.

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The Get Well Date $$$

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Grasie Hansen The Get Well Date  $$$The “get well” date came just at the right time. Dad and I had a good season, but more money went out faster than it came in. When we got home for the winter we had high hopes of booking a lot of Christmas shows like we always did, but for some reason Christmas dates were few that year. Then a phone call came in from Cindy Bardine an X performer that we had worked with before on many different shows. Cindy had become a booking agent for the “Roaring 20′s Show in Portland Oregon. We were delighted to know that she was doing well in her new career.  She said  “I have this date for you in Portland, it’s only for two weeks but it is very good money and I am sure once they see your act, they will hold you over”.

Dad and I took the date and off we went on January 6th, 1967 to Portland. When we arrived at the Holt Hotel where the show room was located we discovered that the stage was nowhere near the area needed for a circus act. We were in a jack pot. Dad said it is obvious that we can not do any of the large prop tricks, so we stayed in a vaudeville mode and did more comedy. We cut the act in half and basically did stand up comedy with hand balancing,  and old style slap stick, along with Tobie’s piano routine. The band was great they played a little ground jazz and somehow it just all came together.

We put together a 15 minute comedy chimp act that could work on a stage 12 by 16. Dad and I knew at that time we were not limited in our act due to area or space. The Star of the show, Gracie Hansen held us over for another 6 weeks. I think it was because of her baby Tobie. Yes it was a get well date $, because of the indifference and difficulty…. we bettered ourselves.     


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The Greatest Little Circus On Earth

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SCAN16781 The Greatest Little Circus On Earth    I took Henry Bros Circus out with Space Age Amusement. It was one of the best seasons I have ever had. Al Mirro owned the carnival. He paid weekly over and above what my regular salary was.

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Clifford Henry

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Cliff Henry Clifford Henry  My father’s talents were many. After he retired from our chimp act, he decided that he would continue on in the business. Many show producers asked him if he would help them repair or build show equipment. He really wanted to travel visiting friends and circuses. I remember him saying,  “I  have worked pretty hard all my life, now it is time for me to enjoy what I have left”.

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Free Circus

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Free Circus Free Circus   In finding these ads I am suprised that most of them,  like this one,  I do not remember doing the show. It had to be some time around 1959. Dad was booking one day events all over Southern Calif. He had that circus attitude, keep moving on to those one day spots, “keep the money coming in.”

We had so many animals to feed and often times the animals would eat first.  Our overhead was too high so there had to be a change.  Dad started selling many of the animals and we focused our attention towards the chimps act. This became our money maker.

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A True Republican

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Shorty Republican A True Republican               In 1976 I was asked if I would bring Shorty to the Republican headquarters. They did an advance promo saying that one of the largest Republicans would host those who came to register that day.

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The Midas Circus

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SCAN1679 The Midas Circus      It was a one day gig just a few miles away from winter quarters….. “How sweet it was”.  If I remember correctly one of the owners of the Midas shop was from the Christiana family.

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Looking For Talent

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SCAN1672 Looking For Talent   When you have a low budget and need entertainment, I found that if you promote local talent that is only looking to get recognized, and mix them with professionsals, the result is quite entertaining. My success was setting apart Sundays  for what I called in my promo “Feasts Mexicana.” I never had a bad weekend.  I continued to always throughout  my show producing years to always have a Sunday that was dedicated to our Latin friends.

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Love a Fair

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Marcopcia fair 1977 1 Love a Fair

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