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Posted By on October 18, 2008

                   The circus side show 1948….photo taken by Jim Heaten

Thank you Jaime for your comment.


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My name is Ivan M. Henry and I am the 4th generation of a circus/show business dynasty. I hope you enjoy the blog.


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  1. Mayron Cole says:

    The Daily Bros Circus wintered in my hometown of Gonzales, TX during the 40s and early 50s. I have many memories of the steam calliiope being pulled by draft horses as the circus paraded through my little town. We went to HS with the circus kids. Some boarded here year round so that they didn’t have to leave our school. Several kids played in our HS band and in the circus band on performance nights. The townspeople were invited to the premier performance of the circus just before it packed its tents and hit the road. I remember many nights on our farm listening to the elephants trumpet at the fair grounds. And the day the elephants stampeded and broke out of the circus grounds! Wow! Great memories! Go to http://www.mcpiano.com and you will see that the covers of my piano teaching books use circus pictures! The Daily Bros Circus lives on!

  2. admin says:

    Hello ………… YOU ARE NOW ON THE CIRCUS BLOG. Thank you for your comment..Ivan

  3. Caroll Daringer says:

    I worked for Ben Davenport in 1944 &45. Am now in my 80s, I still have vivid memories of those days. There was a war going on. I search the web for the old time men & women of Circus. My firt job was Props, in ’44 Boss canvasman in ;45.
    a lot of water has gone under the bridge,
    So long

  4. Jaime Plunkett says:

    Hello! My name is Jaime Plunkett, and Ben and Eva Davenport were my great grandparents. Bille was my grandmother, married to Jim Plunkett, and my father is Pat. I grew up in Gonzales, and recall many many stories of the circus. What a legacy! Thank you for posting the picture. I hope to connect and share through this blog.

  5. Sue Cervantez says:

    Last week my Dad, who is 84 yrs old, told me that his brother Jack Wilke worked for Dailey Bros Circus in approx. 1942-43. They lived in the Los Angeles area at the time. Jack was part of the advance crew that went ahead of the circus and posted handbills and posters announcing that the circus was coming to town!. Dad said Jack drove a small semi type truck with a sleeper and the glue pots, posters and other items for his work were carried in the truck. Dad said Jack hit 37 states and some of Canada and never once saw the circus.

    Really enjoy looking at your blog.

  6. Sue Cervantez says:

    Woah! I am 10 years off with my post above. Jack worked for Dailey Bros. in the early 1950’s. Sorry for the error.

  7. mark douglas says:

    Jack Wilke and my father Melvin Douglas were very close friends. Jacks contract with the Dailey Brothers Circus is dated Feb. 9th 1950. My fathers contract was sent to Jack to have signed on Feb.27,1950 .They were both signed on as bill posters,somehow my father ended up with Jacks contract . My fathers contract was sent to 1411 w 102 st. Los Angeles addressed to Jack Wilke and signed by Ben Davenport , Jack was 24 years old ,listed as 5 ‘8″ and 150 lbs on the contract ,although i remember him to be taller. My father loved his circus experience and his many travels ,especially with Jack. I still have some pictures of the circus travels and their contracts. Jack was hired for 45$ a week, 4$ a day for meals and 3$ a day for lodging

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