Unknown Pole Wagon

Posted By on May 1, 2012

Unknown Circus Pole wagon 8 horse hitch going to or from lot Ring Bros maybe 1024x568 Unknown Pole Wagon  This was a heavily loaded pole wagon. It took an 8 horse hitch to pull it. At the rear of the wagon it looks like there may be another hook up. This could be a double wagon set up, which was a common practice. I am thinking that this might be a Ringling pole wagon or Al G. Barnes?

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High Pole Aerial Act

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High Pole act 6 590x1024 High Pole Aerial Act    Their faces look very familiar to me but I can not remember their names.   Need some help. This photo was shot in the late 1940′s

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Chief Sky Eagle #1

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 Chief Sky Eagle #1   A friend of mine just sent me this photo of Chief Sky Eagle. The last time I saw Sky Eagle was on the 101 Ranch Wild West Show & Circus in 1946 and part of 1956. Sky Eagle was one of the main attractions in the show demonstrating his skills in native American archery. He was a dead shot with bow and arrow. This photo was taken in 1947 at the Sun Valley Rodeo, Idaho. He was a full blood Sioux Native American. Even though I was a kid at the time I appreciated him as a performer,  but more over a fine and proud person. He was someone you could look up too. There is a close up photo of him in the 101 Wild West Show….Look in categories.

Thanks Mike for the Photos.

Also Thanks to Patty Sky Eagle for the correct information on his tribe. Note from Ivan. Sky Eagle never told anyone that he was from Canada and did say that he was Sioux for show biz pro moe. I am sure he had his reasons at that time!

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The Kitchenettes #2

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 The Kitchenettes #2    This photo was sent to me along with the Sky Eagle photo. These three girls are Native American performers, most likely with or family of Sky Eagle. Photo shot in 1947, at Vernal Rodeo. Utah. The name Kitchenettes was on the photo this basically is all I know.

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J.E. Henry Show

Posted By on April 28, 2012

J e Henry Ciecus 1 J.E. Henry Show Setting on the wagon is my grandmother Mable Chase Fairbanks Henry. By the looks of the photo and what I know of my grandmother, the date is near 1900? I believe the man on the bottom right is J.E. Henry. The three men on the left are not my uncles, the little boy near them is also an unknown. The first child to be born to the Henry’s was Bertha May Henry 1905.

I want to thank John Polacsek for sending this great photo of my family, also the letter heads.

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Clifford Henry

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Clifford Henry Dad 1969. On Rudy Bros Clifford Henry I never knew this photo existed. I received a box of circus photos from Charles Clancy. The box contained the total Tommy Bentley Collection. In one of the albums is where I discovered my Dads photo. What a wonderful find. This photo was taken on the Rudy Bros Circus 1969. He had retried from the chimp act and was taken live easy but could not stay away from the circus. Not only being a fine performer and trainer, he as well was a master electrician. Rudy and others would ask Dad to fix their electrical problems as well to build new and better lighting and sound systems. I lost my Father in June 1977. I miss him even to this day. He was one of the greats………….He never had an enemy.

 Thank you Carol for your loving comment.    IVAN

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J.E. Henry #1

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J E Henry3 1024x466 J.E. Henry #1   This was J.E.’s first letter head. He started using these in 1915.

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J.E.Henry #2

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Je Henry2 1024x407 J.E.Henry #2    This one of grandfather’s letterheads. The lion and lady was in the center of this one. These letter heads were used as far back as 19i5 though the 1930′s. There were others types that J.E. used but as his family grew he would add another name to the letter head. I wish I could locate some of those, but the two you have seen were his best.

I thank John Polacsek for sending these copies from his collection.

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J.E.Henry #3

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JE Henrny 4 1024x875 J.E.Henry #3   This is what is known as a reader, not really an ad. This reader was put in the local paper along with other readers. It was an information column.

John Polacsek collection.

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Dales Bros Circus 1948

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Dales Bros 3 Dales Bros Circus 1948   From Left to right… Peggy Henderson and Billie Henderson. They are in their spec wardrobe.

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