Rudenko Bros

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Dudenko Bros 2 763x1024 Rudenko Bros  This Rudenko is on the BALL.

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Wilfred Mae Trio

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Wilfred Mae Trio 1024x530 Wilfred Mae Trio  Photo from the Dorothy Carson collection.

Thank you Bertha for your informative comment.

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Jerry Geraldo

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Jerry Geraldo 798x1024 Jerry Geraldo   Many of these acts, like Jerry Geraldo for example, I have never actually worked with and, for that matter, never even met. Despite this, there is one thing we have in common; we are a family of performers with a true brother and sister type of closeness.  When we first meet, somehow we instinctively recognize that we are a breed of our own….THE SHOWMEN.

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Kumar 1 784x1024 Kumar   Hoops Hoops and more HOOPS.

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Kumar 2 1024x761 Kumar Please make a comment if you know this performer.

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Prince Najvez

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Prince Najvez1 750x1024 Prince Najvez

This photo was part of Tommy Bentley’s collection. You may know this person. If so, please comment……….. Read comment by Lee Stevens..Lee when I worked with him he did not use this stage name. Thanks. Also thanks to carol for her comment.

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The Juggler’s Juggler

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Val Sets 776x1024 The Jugglers Juggler

Val Setts, one of the few great jugglers. His juggling clubs were made by Van Wick and they are considered the very best that you can get. I inherited mine from my father, who bought them in 1940. We did quite a few shows with Val, the greater majority of them being variety stage shows. This was way before I was involved with chimps. Every chance I got, I would stand in the stage wings and watch him, just in the hopes that I might learn something. Val’s unique style of juggling, combined with comedic chatter, proved him to be one of the greats. I remember once, while watching him during his performance, he looked over at me and said “Trying to steal the act, kid?”  My whole body sank into the stage floor. Later in the dressing room he called me over to him. He then gave me three La Cross balls and said we will start with these. I knew how to juggle somewhat, but I needed better timing , which he taught me. From there, I became a pretty fair juggler in my younger years. I still have my Van Wick clubs and the three La Cross balls.  Oh yes, and the Henry family rolling globe that my father and uncles worked on as kids in their father’s circus.

David Cain has posted a very interesting comment,one that all jugglers should read.

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Bill Woodcock Elephants

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Bill Woodcock 1024x801 Bill Woodcock Elephants

I believe this is Bill Woodcock. The face is not too clear in this photo. The only reason why I think it is he is because the Woodcock elephants were with the Siebrand Circus years ago. I believe Buckles Woodcock is his son. Someone will see this photo and verify………… I also believe this photo was taken in  1952.

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Antonucci Chimps

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Antanucci and Pete 1024x823 Antonucci Chimps

This photo of Al Antonucci goes back to when he started his own chimp act. The date is unknown to me, but it was some time around the early 1950′s. A personal note, if you don’t mind. Al was one of the finest people I have ever known, and between Al and my Dad, I was given great training knowledge of Chimpanzees.

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Artie Widaman Elephants

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Artie Widamans Elephants 1024x823 Artie Widaman Elephants

Hollywood Novelty Elephants, Zetta, Peggy and Dorothy. This photo is a first for me because I  discovered that Ed Widaman’s wife, seen here, actually worked the act. Previously,  I only saw Ed doing it,  while his wife would do just the styling and some of the posing tricks.

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