The Luvas #4

Posted By on October 2, 2011

The Luvas 4 793x1024 The Luvas #4

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A Graceful Lady

Posted By on September 18, 2011

Old Photo Lady and Horse 856x1024 A Graceful Lady     This old photo is tattered and torn  but it still shows this graceful lady upon her horse, most likely ready to go into the arena and dance ever so lightly in time with the lopping of her  horse. I do not know the name of the circus or even her name…………… I am just happy that I found her among the other old photos.

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Clyde Beatty Program #1

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Beatty Program Cover2 783x1024 Clyde Beatty Program #1This is the cover of the 1956 circus program. This is the same year that Duncan Renaldo,”The Cisco Kid”was featured on the show. After a few weeks he left the show in El Paso,Texas. At the bottom right of this program you can see a black out space. This is where  Duncan Renaldo’s name had been.  On the original cover I can barely see his name though the black ink. Most likely the show had hundreds of these programs and did not want to go into a reprint. So they did the easiest thing and saved money.

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” The Cisco Kid”

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Duncan Renaldo Cisco 808x1024  The Cisco Kid   Duncan Renaldo ” The Cisco Kid”, Starred as a Mexican Vaccaro or cowboy in western movies and later he had a TV series in the mid 1950′s. His character was typical of those days ….he portrayed the good guy. He and his sidekick “Pancho”, Leo Carrillo were always helping people in trouble and catching the bad guys. There was a positive attitude in the shows of those days and they set a good example for the young kids.

Duncan did a lot of personal appearances and in 1956 he was a special guest star on the Clyde Beatty circus. After a few weeks into the season because of business being very poor they had to let him go. The Beatty show even closed earlier that year. I believe Ringling had problems that year and closed early that year as well.

The photo above is an actual hand out that was given to those who came to the Clyde Beatty show.

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“Hey Pancho”

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Leo Carrillo Pancho Hey Pancho   Leo Carrillo was the sidekick of the “Cisco Kid”who was Duncan Renaldo. Leo had been an actor for many years before he became “Pancho”. As a matter of fact he was in his very late sixties when he took the character part. His career started all over again as “Pancho”.  Actually he had more notoriety playing this part than much of the other acting he had done in years past. I have to tell you Cisco and Pancho were one of my favorite TV shows in the 1950′s. I do not believe that he ever appeared with Cisco on the Beatty circus but had done so in other appearances……….. I will always remember this line…..”Ok Cisco lets went.”

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Beatty & O’Brian

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Beatty and OBrain 1024x954 Beatty & OBrian    An off camera shot of Clyde Beatty and Pat O’Brian looking over what is supposed to be a script. The photo was taken in 1954 on the Warner Bros studio back lot during the making of the movie “Ring of Fear”starring both Beatty and O’Brian. Screen writer Mickey Spillane wrote the following story line….” A homicide killer escapes from an institution and joins the circus where he causes havoc”…… Sort of sounds familiar?………. Clyde’s friendship with Pat began in 1933 during the filming of the”Big Cage”. This movie was the first of six that Clyde Beatty starred in. “Lost Jungle” 1934 Mascot Productions,”Darkest Africa”1936 Republic Studio,”Africa Screams” 1948 with Abbott & Costello ,”Perils of the Jungle”1953 Loppert Studio and “Ring of Fear” 1954 Warner Bros.

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Home Away From Home

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Clyde Beattys Caravan 1024x526 Home Away From Home    Clyde Beatty with his long time friend Pat O’Brian. Also in the photo is Jane Beatty. This photo was taken in 1954, Close by is Beatty’s home on wheels while on tour. Of course we are all familiar with that, aren’t we?

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Cole Bros Circus

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Coal Bros Circus 738x1024 Cole Bros Circus    A program cover from 1938.  Ken Maynard, a cowboy movie star was featured on the show during this time. It was very common for many of the larger circuses to have Western celebrities as an extra draw.  The next post will be of Ken Maynard…….. I want to thank Jackie Knupp for the program cover.

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Ken Maynard

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Ken Manard Ken Maynard    Ken Maynard was featured on the Cole Bros Circus in 1936 or 1937…… it may have been both seasons?

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It’s a Good Trick

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No name Tropeze act 763x1024 Its a Good Trick    A photo from the Bill Capell collection. Again there is no information on this performer. I am sure that this photo along with hundreds of others were sent to the Capell circus for their consideration. Doc did hire many performers from south of the border. His reason was that they were good and did more than just one act. There is no name or country associated with this performer. The photo does date back to the 1950′s.

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